Wasp Nest

Once the temperature starts to rise, and the summer rolls in, so do the wasps!  Once the wasps start to build their nests we receive calls to either treat or remove them.

The Wasps

Wasps have a complex social structure. The queen is the head.  She hibernates over the colder months and then starts to make a nest that produces workers in the warmer months. Worker wasps grow to between 10-15 mm with the Queen growing to approximately 20mm. A productive nest can produce up to 30,000 wasps a year.

The nest

A queen wasp will build the nest where she can find a location that is protected from the elements and safely tucked away.  This can range from behind fascia panels, in the ground, in loft spaces, bird boxes etc.

Wasp nests begin as golf ball sized structures and as the population grows, so does the size of the nest. A nest can be formed in many shapes and sizes and how it develops depends on the area where it is built. They also range in colour, from shades of grey to cream.

Wasp Nest wasp nest loft

Why are wasps a problem

Many people consider that wasps have no place in the ecological system, but they are in fact nature's pest controllers. They feed on insects early in the season, and then turn to sugary food sources later in the year.  This is when they mainly come into conflict with us and become a nuisance. The obvious danger with wasps is that they can be highly aggressive creatures with a vicious sting.  More importantly, some people can have a severe reaction to a wasp sting and recent evidence shows that there can be long-term effects from a sting in the form of Kounis Syndrome

How to treat them

Whilst some people like to attempt treating a wasp nest themselves, we would not recommend this.  Wasps are highly aggressive insects and will attack anything they perceive to be a threat to their nest. You don’t want a few hundred of them chasing you down!

Year upon year we take calls from customers who have been unsuccessful in treating or removing a nest, sometimes with painful effects! You may have seen horror stories in the media, such as the man that caused a house fire trying to eradicate a nest. We at Sage Pest Solutions treat wasps nest on a regular basis. We use suitable protective equipment and appropriate knowledge for both ours and your safety whilst administering the appropriate pesticides. With prices starting at £45 Why Take The Risk?!!

If you have a nest or would like some advice regarding one, please call on 01782 479901. We treat wasps nests in Stoke on Trent, Crewe, Stafford, Staffordshire, Cheshire and surrounding areas. 

Wasp Nest Wasp Nest

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