With the colder weather settling it means unwanted guests can start to visit your home or premises. Mice and Rats start to look for warmer climates and that unfortunately pushes them into our homes and premises. We are getting a lot of calls for these rodents getting in to premises in the Stoke on Trent and Staffordshire areas, so we thought we would put some tips at minimising the risk of Rodents getting into your property

• Keep the foliage, plant life and any trees tidy and where possible away from the walls and roof of the house. Rodents are great climbers and this provides easy access.

• Keep any waste in a bin with a secure lid, a wheelie bin is ideal, but remember to check to see if there are any holes in the bin regularly.

• Keep your eyes out for rats or mice in the garden, whilst it is difficult to prevent them in your garden it can be an early indication they are getting closer to your property.

• Whilst having birds visit your garden for food is nice, remember this will also attract other animals. At the first sign of any Rats or Mice remove the food and water for the birds immediately. Do not put any food close to the premises.

• Have a look around the house and check for any holes in the walls that may allow a mouse or a rat easy access. Remember they don’t need   much of a hole to get in. Block these holes up with steel mesh or wire wool.

There are a few signs to look out for which might mean you have Rats or Mice in your premises. You might experience just some of these signs.

• Noises in your walls or loft that are not normally there. This can be due to them chewing on material, walking around or noise from the    animals themselves.

• Droppings around the area.

• Dark marks around areas that they run, they stay close to walls and the grease on their bodies rubs off and builds up over time.

• A live one, this sometimes means there are more than one.

• A dead one. This might have been the only one in your property but its likely it is not.

• Chew marks and shredding of material, this can be down to nest making or just gnawing on materials.

• A strong smell of ammonia like smell, this is from urination. If this is present there is a good chance it is not a small infestation.

If you experience any of the above signs or require pest control in the Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, Cheshire or West Midlands area's please call Sage Pest Solutions on 01782 479901 or us the contact section on the site.

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