Bedbug infestations have been on the increase over recent years, so if you suspect these may be present in your premises don't think you are alone.

Bedbugs do not differentiate between dirty and clean environments; all they care about is being close to a host (human) to feed from. During the day bedbugs can hide in the crevices of a mattress, joints in a bed frame, furniture, skirting boards and other areas of the room they are unlikely to be disturbed.

They emerge in the evening to feed, attracted by the body heat and carbon dioxide emitted from the hosts.

There are several signs of bedbugs in your property:

  • Bites are the most common sign sometimes causing an allergic reaction.
  • Black stains on the bed sheets and mattresses caused by droppings and engorged bedbugs being squashed.
  • Moulted shells from the bedbugs as they go through the life cycle.
  • Live insects may be seen on examination of an area.
  • With sizeable infestations you may notice a musty smell hanging around.

Bedbugs can spread easily and widely once established within a premises, travelling between neighbouring rooms using conduits, holes in walls and pipes. Bedbugs can be resilient little creatures and can be difficult to exterminate. That is why we use a variety of complimentary methods in treating infestations, whereas some companies that only use one. Where possible we treat bedbugs without the use of chemicals, using not toxic methods to eradicate the infestation.


Fleas are parasites and externally feed on warm blooded animals, birds and humans. Fleas often enter domestic premises on the back of our much loved pets, unfortunately by the time they have been noticed hundreds of egg's may have fallen on the carpet, cracks in the floor and other areas around the home where your pets venture. It is important to catch an infestation at its earliest stages, as a flea's lifespan is 100 days and each pair can produce 400–500 offspring in that time.

Fleas are more than just a nuisance, their bites can cause painful reactions to humans and pets, they can also transmit several diseases.

Bed Bugs & Fleas

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