There are many species of fly and most of the time these are harmless nuisances outdoors, it is when they come into a property they can cause problems. Flies pay no regard to what they walk or what they land on. As a result they come in to contact with lots of undesirable matter such as faeces, dead or dying animals and rotting food. Due to this flies can carry diseases and spread these on to food. Proofing and the use of EFK's (Electronic Fly Killers), are effective means of preventing issues with flies.

In domestic premises flies become a problem outside of the summer months, where they venture in to the warmth of a property. Cluster flies find a suitable location from the cooling temperatures, and emit a pheromone (essentially a chemical message) that attracts more flies. These flies can then cluster in their thousands. Cluster flies then start to appear very drowsy over the winter/spring months.


These insects have a bad reputation and it is a warranted reputation. Cockroaches can transmit organisms & bacteria responsible for a variety of diseases, their presence can induce allergic reactions in some people. They have a high potential of contaminating food items.

If you have a premises that is involved in food, then these pests need to be dealt with ASAP. A visit by an EHO (Environmental Health Officer) whilst having cockroaches will cause serious consequences, and potential irreparable damage to your reputation, and potential loss of customers. To prevent this, we can work proactively on prevention, in addition to resolving should you experience Cockroach infestation.

Cockroaches & Flies
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