Rats and mice have become experts at living alongside humans, and actually thrive in large populated areas where food sources are readily available.


Rats have a very short reproduction cycle so an infestation can become large, and a serious issue very quickly. They have the ability to spread several disease's through contamination and contact, they also cause damage to areas they live, due to their constant need to gnaw on objects and can cause a fire hazard, if they decide to chew on power cables.

Rats have a wide range of physical abilities that means there are few locations that they cannot get to should they wish. They are often found in lofts and wall spaces, gardens, in and under sheds or outbuildings. Basically anywhere that can offer protection from their predators, and where a source of food and water is available.

There are several ways of treating for rats but there is an increasing resistance to certain types of rodenticides, we have knowledge and access to the most appropriate and up-to-date treatments available.


Mice head inside premises as the temperatures outside start to get lower, and can get through holes as small as 5mm. This makes any visible hole in a premise an easy entrance. Once inside a house they may target areas with foodstuff chewing through packets and containers to get to the contents.

Mice like rats can carry viruses and bacteria that can be passed on to humans, through contact and contamination of surfaces and food stuff. They also urinate and leave droppings everywhere they travel, so a good indication to the presence of mice are little droppings around the premises, or the smell or urination.

Rats & Mice

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