Moles are blind but have a highly acute sense of smell and very good hearing. They burrow under the ground and make large runs, it is the waste soil from these runs that can ruin the picturesque grounds you have around. Although moles don't carry any harmful disease, their molehills can destroy fields and gardens, the holes can potential cause injuries on areas that are used for recreation and sports through trips and falls.


These are emotive creatures to deal with, they look harmless running around the garden and jumping from branches. However, if these creatures get into a premises they are highly destructive, and a hazard to the residence. Squirrels like all rodents have a natural need to gnaw on anything softer than their teeth. This makes them destructive in nature which can cause problems if they find a wire or pipe in the roof spaces they are inhabiting. The noise of them running around in your roof can be distressing, and have an effect on your daily life. As with any animal they leave droppings and urinate around, and this can be an attractant for other insects.


Birds on a whole are an important part of the worlds Eco system and rarely come in to conflict with humans. This is recognised in the UK and under the Wildlife and Countryside act all birds, nests and eggs are protected. There are control methods available under general licences for certain species and for specified reasons such as Health and Safety. It is important that bird control is carried out in a professional manner.


With the twitching noses and bushy tails rabbits are adorable to most people, but if you have just a couple of these take up residence on your land that adorable nature can quickly turn in to frustration.

They are ferocious eaters and have the ability to munch their way through your landscape, causing damage at an alarming rate. Their droppings and urine can pollute the group over time meaning that only weeds can grow, and a large population burrowing can cause structural damage to the land around them. There are many solutions to controlling a problem population on your grounds, call us and we can discuss the best resolution to address your individual needs.

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